Incoming 6TH Grade Registration Information

Important Dates
  • Profile / Registration Pick-up – Thursday, 8/10/17, 8:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. & 4:00-6:00 p.m.
  • 6th Grade Registration (Including Academy)- Thursday, 8/17/17, 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
  • Make-up Registration (all grades & includes Academy) – Monday, 8/21/17. 4:00-6:00pm
  • BMMS Beginnings / New Student Orientation – Tuesday, 8/22/17
  • First Day of School – Wednesday, 8/23/17, 7:40 am

     FAQ’S –  (Answers provided by our current students who participate in ASB (Associate Student Body)

  1. What is the average 6th day like?
School starts at 7:40 on Tuesday-Friday and 8:54 on Monday’s. For some of you that might sound early, but you’ll get used to it. School ends at 2:27, unless you’re in the Academy. If you’re in the academy, school ends at 3:25. On Fridays, since the academy doesn’t have P.E., you end at 2:27.

            Everyone will have different teachers for different subjects. You’ll have a class for language arts, social studies, math, science, PE, and your elective. For science, in 6th grade you’ll take Earth Science, where you will learn about natural resources, rocks, minerals, and lots more. You will also have 1 period for math. Depending on your MAPs score, you will be in Math 6 or Math 6-7 Accelerated. There are two different lunch periods, and depending on your schedule you’ll either eat around 11 am or around noon if you have the second lunch.

If you ever want to see your grades, you can check them online with Synergy, and you can check homework on Myconnect. Knowing how to use Synergy and Myconnect are important things as you transition to BMMS. Synergy will let you log in and see all of your grades for all of your classes. MyConnect is a site where teachers post homework, resources, and other things that help you. If you’re not familiar with Synergy or MyConnect, don’t worry, it will all be shown to you at the beginning of next year. After every few months, you will get to see your letter grade for all your classes on either your report card or progress notice. Grading is very similar to elementary school, but you’ll get letter grades here.

            Mondays is our late-start day, where school starts at 8:54 am because teachers are meeting in the morning. Every day, including Monday, you’ll have a 4-minute passing period, where you will have time to walk to your next class, talk with your friends, and eat snacks. You will be changing classes multiple times a day, instead of staying in one classroom the whole day. You can go to your street lockers during your passing period as well. In 6th grade, you’ll have to share your street locker with someone in your homeroom class. It’s really helpful to learn how to use your locker so you’re not carrying around a super heavy backpack all day. There is also a 6th grade courtyard by the 6th grade humanities classes where you can socialize and take a snack break. It’s nice that the 6th grade classes are together back there.

            Each student will get a raider reminder, which is like an agenda, or planner. This is where you can write your homework and other reminders, and it will be a great help to you all year long. It’s really important to learn how to use your raider reminder to keep yourself organized. Finally, make sure follow the dress code. You have to have shorts the length of your fists, and sleeves that are at least 2 inches wide. This is also not much different than elementary school.

            6th grade is very fun, so don’t be nervous! 

     2 - Where do we change for PE? Do we have to run a lot?           

P.E. is very different than elementary school, but can also be a lot more fun. Unlike elementary school, we have P.E. everyday. Your teachers will often have you do team sports that alternate throughout the year. The running isn’t as bad as it sounds, you only run a mile once a week. 
  • Sports include – Football, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Softball, badminton, fitness test, etc.
  • Running, Push-ups, Sit-ups
  • No playgrounds
  • There is a Fitness lab that has weights, a large mat and stationary bikes.
  • A Gym bigger than an elementary school gym.
  • Upperfield/Rollercoasters/Lower Field
  • Campus Run
  • Super Bowl between students, Students vs. Staff basketball, World Series
  • Locker room – separate locker rooms for boys and girls, no spray perfume, no climbing, keep lock on basket, there are showers but no one uses it (not enough time), but deodorant should be used after PE.
  • Changing – 8 minutes to change and get ready, no changing in the bathrooms, no showers
  • Locks – you get your own lock and locker to put your PE stuff in.
    (maybe bring a lock or two to demonstrate how to open a lock)
  • Clothes – PE shirt & PE shorts, and shoes ($37). You can wear BMMS Sweatpants/Sweatshirts when it’s cold.
  • Academy PE is different, during 9th period from 2:30-3:30
  • PE teachers are: Colwell, Kooiman, Johansen, Roy, and Ranoa
    • Academy PE is taught by Academy teachers
            As you can see, we do much more for P.E. and it can be more physically demanding. P.E. is not very hard, and changing is not as bad as it seems. We know it’s something a lot of incoming 6th graders worry about, but everyone adjusts very quickly. After a few days in PE, you’ll get used to the routine. We hope that you are very informed after listening to us, and we hope to see you at Black Mountain! 

     3 - What kind of food is served at lunch?

First off, there are two places where you can buy lunch, the raider cafe and the a la carte lines. The main difference is that the raider cafe serves a full meals like at your elementary school, while the a la carte has snacks and separate parts of a meal. A la carte serves chicken patty sandwiches, potato wedges with ketchup, ice cream cones, switch, and cookies, which all vary between 75 cents and $3. All meals at the raider cafe are $3.25.

You can sit anywhere you want during lunch, the cafeteria, the quad, the benches, or at the entrance of the school, as long as you’re not too close to the classes or on the blacktop. You are not allowed to bring food on to the blacktop. Also you’re not allowed to go to your lockers during lunch without asking a yard duty, except if you’re just getting your lunch at the beginning of the period. When you’re finished with your lunch, you can go out to the basketball courts, or play soccer and football on the blacktop.

There’s a free ball checkout system, so if you want to get a football, or soccer ball or any type of equipment, you’ll have to bring your id card. You’ll have plenty of time to eat and relax. There’s also a game room where you can play board games, pool, or foosball.
We also have a student store that sells supplies and snacks like pudding, frozen fruit bars, and kettle corn. Sometimes, we’ll have lunch time events for spirit days run by ASB, and a lot of the time, we’ll be playing music. Lunch is a lot different than elementary school, but you have a lot more freedom and more choices, more time, and honestly it’s just a lot more fun.

     4 - What electives are offered at BMMS?

Electives are classes that you choose to take. Each elective class is one period long. You will get one elective each year. 6th grade elective options are orchestra, band, chorus, or the exploratory wheel. ASB, or Associated Student Body, is also an elective, which you will learn about at the school activities table.
We have two great options for instrumental music classes at Black Mountain Middle School. The options are Orchestra and Band.

Orchestra is taught by Ms. Miller. In this class you can learn to play string instruments. String instruments include violin, viola, cello or upright bass. There are 3 levels of orchestra at Black Mountain, Orchestra 1, Intermediate Orchestra and Advanced Orchestra. In each level of orchestra, you play a huge variety of exciting music, ranging from pop to classical to movie themes. You learn to read music very well and play in an orchestra with other kids. You have performances throughout the school year in San Diego and even take trips to perform at places like Disneyland. No prior music experience is required to start Orchestra 1 at Black Mountain. Special Note: 6th graders typically start in Orchestra 1, but if you are a more advanced string player, there are two other advanced levels. Email Ms. Miller if you have been playing a string instrument for more than a year already!

Band is taught by Mr. Hargis. In this class you can learn to play woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. There are 3 levels of band at Black Mountain - 6th Grade Band, Intermediate Band and Advanced Band. Just like Orchestra, in each level of band, you play a variety of exciting music, ranging from pop to classical to movie themes. If you choose band as your elective class, every day you get to come to school and play music in a band with other kids. In band you also have performances throughout the school year in San Diego and even take trips to perform at places like Disneyland. Although most students begin playing an instrument in 5th Grade Band, no prior music experience is required to start 6th Grade Band at Black Mountain.

Chorus is a third option and is taught by Mrs. Moreau. In chorus, you will sing, dance, and learn music notes. There are performances during the year and a play at the end of the year. Chorus will improve your singing and provide an overall great time! Chorus is offered as a yearlong elective and as part of the exploratory wheel.
The exploratory wheel is the fourth and final option. This elective is actually a rotation of three different classes, which let you explore fun, new things. Each class lasts one trimester, or about three months. The three courses are technology, college readiness, and choir. Gardening has also been part of the wheel in the past. These may change, but this is what we think they will be. Students rotate through all 3 of these options throughout the year.

Technology is run by Mr. Ranoa. In this class, you will learn to type, follow tech trends, and learn internet safety. There are weekly projects that are really cool. One big project that you might do is going on a virtual trip to anywhere in the world and “spending” your fake money. It is a favorite of most students and only one of the many cool things that you will do in technology.
Gardening is taught by Ms. Bledsoe. In this class, you will grow plants and study how they develop. You will also contribute to the school garden, which is on the side of our campus. It is a really fun class that you will love!
College Readiness is taught by Mr. Johansen and Ms. Roy. This class will give you information on requirements for college, looking at the types of classes to take in high school to get in to certain colleges, and will even look at tuition and financial aid. This is a great class to get you thinking about your future.

Other electives are going to be available in 7th and 8th grade. AVID, which is a class that prepares you for college, is available in both 7th and 8th grade. Teacher’s Assistant, where you help teachers with their daily tasks for a period, is also available in 7th and 8th grade.

Finally, Spanish is an option for 8th graders.  You can also join clubs, which are just as much fun as electives. They are available before school, after school, and during lunch. Some exciting clubs are yearbook club, running club, video club, and Kindness club (which you’ll hear more about at the school activities table). There are so many more clubs, and all of them are a great way to get involved!

     5 - How does Black Mountain help new 6th graders with the transition to middle school?

 How many of you have heard stories or seen movies about scary middle schools where kids are bullied, shoved into lockers and thrown into trash cans? There is no need to worry about other kids picking on you.  We want to let you know that bullying is not tolerated at BMMS. Our counselors will come into your classroom to talk about bullying, and ways to avoid it. Our school is basically bully-free, and we feel safe every day.

All of our staff members are willing to help our newest raiders, especially our school counselors Mr. Schafer and Mrs. Taylor. If your last name begins with A-L, then Mrs. Taylor is your counselor. If your last name starts with M-Z, then Mr. Schafer is your counselor. Our counselors are here to help you with your classes, and you can always just talk to them about anything. You can talk to whichever counselor you want to, and they’re always there to talk things out if you’re having a bad day.

To get you more familiar with our campus, we have BMMS Beginnings, our new student orientation. The orientation is during the very end of summer, and it is where some ASB ambassadors and other school leaders take you on a tour of the school and talk to you about what middle school is going to be like. If you’re planning on attending this, and you should, make sure to bring your schedule so we can show you where all of your classes are.

To help make you feel even more welcome at our school, we have the Raider Getaway. During the first few weeks of school we set up a few tables with butcher-paper and markers, as well as other fun activities. If you want a nice place to sit and make new friends, come to the Raider Getaway. ASB officers are there to talk to you and make you feel comfortable and accepted; you can always eat with us if you’re feeling alone.

Kindness Crew is a new club we have at BMMS that encourages students to do random acts of kindness around our campus. Anyone can join this club to help promote kindness around our school. Kindness Crew meets once or twice every month.
Everything that ASB does is to encourage our classmates to have the best middle school experience possible. We encourage Raiders to participate in community outreaches and plenty of clubs at school. There is not a single place where you won't be welcomed as the newest member at our school. We also like to reward our students with Raider Rewards on spirit days, where the whole school comes together to show school spirit. Dances are also hosted a few times a year to have some fun after all of our hard work.

Black Mountain is a great place to go to school and soon you'll be able to experience that middle school isn't that bad and is 100% student-friendly. 

      6 - What school wide activities occur at BMMS?

The day before school starts, we have BMMS Beginnings, our new student orientation. This is to help welcome our incoming sixth graders to our campus and get them familiar with it before school even starts. We give a tour of the school, will show you where your classes are, answer questions, and make you all feel welcome and excited to be at BMMS.

            Throughout the course of the school year ASB puts on many spirit days. For our spirit days, students dress up under different themes, participate in games in our quad at lunch, and have contests for prizes. We play music during lunch time and encourage everyone to participate.  Participating in spirit days is a great way to show your Raider Pride.

            The lunchtime activities we do vary depending on the spirit day theme. Sometimes we’ll have a large jump rope and hula hoops out for students to use, other times we’ll play whiffle ball in the quad or play football toss through a hanging tire. For Halloween we will have a costume contest and for special times like Red Ribbon Week, we will have a full spirit week, with a different spirit day and activities each day.

            We also have a Culture of Kindness that has been created at BMMS. Each month has a kindness theme, for example January is Fairness and February is Caring. We will watch a video in our weekly video announcements that ties into that theme, and will have class discussions on it as well. ASB also plans activities for students to show and share all the ways they contribute to our Culture of Kindness at BMMS. One of the previous activities was a fairness activity to write a New Year’s resolution on how we would show fairness in our daily lives. This is just one example of our monthly Culture of Kindness activities.

          ASB also puts on two dances each year. We usually have a Fall dance and a Winter or Spring Dance. We decorate the gym and hire a DJ to play music. Each dance has a theme. Some past themes have been Glow in the Dark, Under the Sea, and an outdoor Luau Dance. Our dances also have a snack bar, where you can buy things like soda, chips and pizza, as well as a few games to play if you get tired of dancing. ASB also has a photo booth that is at each dance as well as certain spirit days so you can take photos with your friends. Dances are a fun way to take a break from school and have a good time.

Another activity we do every year is the talent show. Students can audition and do an act showing off their talent. We usually have 10-12 acts ranging from singing and dancing to karate to students performing music in groups with a keyboard, guitar and drums. It’s fun to see how diverse our school is and to see our students show off their tremendous talent.

            At the end of every year each grade level has an end of the year party. This is done during the last week of school and is a nice way to end the year. In the past 6th grade has held an all day field day called 6th Grade Olympics where students compete in different events and then celebrate at the end of the day. 7th grade has a pizza party at the Mt. Carmel pool and 8th grade has an after school party with pizza, dancing, and games. 

We have many activities at BMMS to promote Raider Pride and unite the school. Participating in these is a great way to make your experience here that much better. 

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