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Name Title Extension Website E-Mail
Abtahi, Satin Teacher-English 5242
Adam, Michelle Teacher-Math 5405
Ambort, Breezy Teacher-Soc. Science 5804
Arreguin, Blanca Counselor (Koo-Ramj) 5136
Banh, Rachel Teacher-Science 5206
Barnett, Daniel Resource Spec. 5361
Black, Alexandra Speech Pathologist 5124
Boele, Emily Teacher-Math 5403
Bourget, Michelle Registrar/Records 5130
Brewer, Marla Teacher-Science 5211
Brown, Christy Counselor (A-Dom) 5128
Bueno, Shelby Aide-Agriculture 5238    
Bunting, Sandi Teacher-BASES 5602
Burian, Phil Teacher-Learn. Hndicpd. 5365
Califano, Peter Teacher-English 5254
Canning, Erin Teacher-Health 5203
Carr, Jill Teacher-English 5154
Casey-O'Brien, Lisa Teacher-Science 5352
Chen, Annie Speech Pathologist 5012
Chrispeels, Arno Teacher-Science 5236
Coats, Scott Teacher-Soc. Science 5257
Coe, Cheryl Teacher-Math 5401
Coleman, Paul Teacher-Science 5351
Colyer, Susanne Teacher - Science C-02
Cook, Daniel Teacher-Soc. Science 5312
Cook, Mike Teacher-Music 5255 website
Cortez, Dean Teacher-Spanish 5258
Crane, Dan Teacher-Math 5410
Cypher, Pete Custodian 5178
Dohm, Rodger Teacher-Art 5307 website
Domingo, Desmond Computer Tech 5467
Dugo, Milena Teacher-French 5205
Easter, Julie Teacher-Soc. Science 5703
  Teacher-ROP/Auto 5500 website  
Fannan, Emily ERMHS Therapist 5122
Fisher, Scott Teacher-Math 5411
FitzGerald, Brian Teacher-Science 5208
Fraser, Sandy Receptionist 0/ 5000
Froumis, Brianne Asst. Principal
Gaspar, Stefanie Special Ed 5440
Ginn, Denise Teacher-PE 5160
Goff, David Teacher-Spanish 5604
Gonzalez, Damian Teacher Ath. Dir. 5112
Goepfert, Pam School Secretary to Mr. Little (N-Z) 5111
Graber, John Teacher-English 5251
Groff, Pam Resource Spec. 5316
Grosely, Arlene Athletic Secretary 5102
Hall, Lauren Teacher-Math 5366
Harwell, Mike Teacher-Auto 5500    
Hensey, Heidi Teacher-Art 5301
Hernandez, CJ Athletic Trainer 5313
Hofmaister, Kelly Teacher-Spanish 5330
Holzhauer, Kim Teacher-English 5250
Hughes, Jodie Counseling Assistant 5137
Islas, Joe Teacher-Math 5402
Iverson, Judy Teacher-Math 5801
Jackson, Charles Teacher-Math 5404
Jaffe, Aaron Teacher-Photo 5304
Jaus, Aida Attendance Supervisor 5115
Jolk, Teresa Teacher-Spanish 5331
Jones-Fletcher, Carissa Teacher-PE 5160
Kaechele, Robert Teacher-Art 5305 BJ 1-4
DMP1-2, 3-4
Karp, Mindy Resource Spec. 5603
Kawasaki-Williams, Karen Teacher-Soc. Science 5901
Krahenbuhl, Sarah Teacher-SPED 5802
Lee, Joan Psychologist 5132
Lewis, Curtis Teacher-Soc. Science 5313 website
Libby, TeriAnne Teacher-English 5228
Liska, Donna Teacher-Math 5406
Little, Aaron Asst. Principal
Lockie, Sherry Teacher-English 5701
Longworth, Barbara Student Data Tech 5119
Lopez, Joanie Teacher-English
Student Services Coordinator
Lopez, Rafael Parent Liaison 5145
Lorenz, Linda Accounting 5107
Manly, Tony Teacher-Science 5350
McClelland, Gregory Teacher-Science 5237
McKee, Jordan Teacher-Soc. Science 5704
McKnight, Kaitie Teacher-English 5241
McMillan, Kathryn Teacher-English 5252
Mejia, Sarah Teacher-Math      
Meyers, John Resource Spec. 5232
Nash, Richard Principal 5100
Nixon, Erin Teacher-Sev. Hndicpd. 5263
Oakes, Lynne Counseling Assistant 5138
Oulela, Dee Attendance Tech 5114
Padua Reyes, Jerilyn Counselor (Ramk-Z) 5123
Parr, Todd Teacher-Art 5302 website
Parry, Robert Teacher-PE 5161
Peitz, Richard Teacher-SPED 5116
Peterson, Julie Food Service Area Supervisor 5188
Pike, Melissa Teacher-Comp Science      
Pillsbury, Patrick Teacher-Soc. Science 5310
Potts, Valerie Library Media Tech 5465
Pratt, Emily Teacher-Leadership ASB 5182
Proffitt, Jennifer Teacher-English 5902
Rangel, Erica Teacher-English 5152
Rehn, Seth Teacher-PE 5161
Reschan, Sarah Teacher-English 5311
Roy, Divona Teacher-English 5408
Scappaticci, Ethel Teacher-Spanish 5348
Schemmel, Jessica Teacher-Music 5155 website
Schiffer, Nancy Administrative Assistant 5100
Schmitt, Sara Teacher-Agriculture 5303
Sebastian, Susan Teacher-Math 5407
Sites, Audrey Teacher-Library 5461
Smith, Jerrah Counselor (Don-Kon) 5127
Spear, Kelly Resource Spec. 5369
Spittler, Markie Teen Parent Ctr. 5153
Struck, Sharon Student Services 5394
Stuber, Lisa School Secretary to Mrs. Froumis (G-M) 5108
Sybilski, Sylvester Teacher-Music 5256 website
Talley, Robert Teacher-Soc. Science 5702
Tallon, Gene Teacher-Math 5354
Thompson, Melissa Teacher-Learning Handicapped 5409
Tovar, Julie Teacher-Spanish 5903
Van Pelt, Sharla Teacher-Science 5207
Von Ehrenstein-Smith, Marion Teacher-German 5347
Waasted, Jacob Teacher-Soc. Science 5601
Wagenveld, Michael Teacher-Spanish 5270 website
Wardwell, Karly Counselor 5393
Warriner, Susie School Secretary to Mr. Young (A-F) 5105
Wegner, Jenny Teacher-English 5367
Wezelman, Sharon Teacher-Drama 5233
White, David Teacher-Soc. Science 5803
Williams, Brett Health Tech 5148
Woldseth, Kelly Teacher-Math 5165
Woodward, Andrea Teacher-English 5244
Yorba, Lilian Food and Nutrition Supervisor 5176
Young, Colin
Asst. Principal
Zeis, Kyle Teacher-Math 5412
Zych-Williams, Kimberly Teacher-SPED 5356
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