Meadowbrook Middle School ASES

Before and After-School Activities
858-748-0802 x 2122

Terry Tu, ASES Site Supervisor 
Laura Farace, ASES Lead  ASES Office: Room 122 Phone: 858-748-0802 ext. 2122  


  Cross Country
  • We have exciting news about a new team added to the After School Education and Safety program. Meadowbrook will be offering a Cross Country Team.  There is a deadline of Friday, September 2, 2016. You can register with Mr. Terry Tu in room 122.
  •  To review the requirements for participation and to register for this team, please Click on:  Student Registration Form. -for Academy Students: Student Registration Form Academy For more information and dates see the Cross Country Information Flyer

Sports.  The sports program does not include any “cuts.”  Each season typically runs for six weeks. Practices are held M-Th 3:30-4:30.  We ask students to attend at least 75% of the practices to participate in the District events.

The program is centered in the school library.  This means that the library is open until 4:00 PM every school day! The computer lab is available for use five days a week where students can also complete their homework assignments. In addition we provide Compass Learning when has proven to help students achieve a higher level of academic success!! Students may work on their homework at a time that works best with their other interests and their individual needs.  Occasionally, a student may even use the library the entire time in order to complete a large project.  Our goal is to have students go home with their homework completed without sacrificing their involvement in extracurricular activities.

Students who stay on campus after 2:30 must be involved in one of the scheduled activities or with a teacher or staff member.  Students may not leave campus and then return unless accompanied by a parent/guardian. 
          What does your child’s time at the after-school program look like?
  • The dismissal bell for school rings at 2:25.  Students have 5 minutes to get to one of the activities.  Students may not loiter around campus.
  • The first period of activities is 2:25-3:30.
  • The second period of activities is 3:35-4:30
  • Snack Time is 4:35-4:45 A free, nutritious snack is served during this time.
  • The third period of activities is 4:45-6:00
    What can parents do to help us be successful?
  • Report to the Front Gate to check out your child.  The staff member at the gate will radio for your child.  You are always welcome to enter the campus to join your child or see what activity they have been doing. 
  • Please remind your child that scanning in and out is required every day. This is how we track attendance and it is vital that the most accurate attendance data is maintained.
  • If someone other than yourself or one of the people you designated on the registration form will be picking up your child, please send in a signed note with the specific information.  Your child gives it to a staff member.  Email is also acceptable.
  • Know your child’s friends!  Sometimes a student does not come to our program but goes home after school with a friend and forgets to inform their parent.  If you know the name(s) of their friend(s), we may be able to help you locate your child.
  • If possible, send in an extra snack with your child.  At this age, food is always on their mind!  It seems like they just ate, are eating, or are thinking about what they will eat next!
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