Teacher Directory

Stone Ranch Elementary School Teaching Staff

School phone number: 858-487-8474

Name E-mail Position
Anderson, Holly HAnderson@powayusd.com Impact
Brown, Sally SaBrown@powayusd.com Grade 1
Bucher, Kristy kbucher@powayusd.com Preschool
Camarillo, Erica ecamarillo@powayusd.com Grade 2
Ciemiewicz, Erin ECiemiewicz@powayusd.com Kindergarten
Clark, Megan mclark@powayusd.com Grade 2
Daellenbach, Margarita MDaellenbach@powayusd.com Grade 4
Delos Santos, Les - WEBSITE ldelossantos@powayusd.com Kindergarten
Dickey, Lisa LDickey@powayusd.com Kindergarten
Doig, Susan SDoig@powayusd.com Grade 4
Dorame-Piddington, Delilah Ddorame@powayusd.com Grade 5
Duncan, Anne Aduncan@powayusd.com Grade 2
Dunigan, Kerri KDunigan@powayusd.com TK
Esteban, R. Joy REsteban@powayusd.com Grade 4
Hankins, Kris Khankins@powayusd.com Kindergarten
Holmberg, Christine CHolmberg@powayusd.com TK
Hong, Jin jhong@powayusd.com Grade 5
Hudson, Sandra sahudson@powayusd.com Grade 3
Hudson, Stephaine shudson@powayusd.com ASD Preschool
Inzunza, Jennifer jinzunza@powayusd.com RSP
Jones, Kendra KJones@powayusd.com Grade 2
Kay, Debbie dkay@powayusd.com Grade 4
Kemp, Molly mkemp@powayusd.com Speech
Lasho, Kelly Klasho@powayusd.com Grade 4
Love, Wynne WLove@powayusd.com Grade 4
Martin, Doreen DMartin@powayusd.com Grade 1
McCann, Lindsay LMcCann@powayusd.com Preschool
McNeely, Bridget BMcNeely@powayusd.com Grade 3
Mikkonen, Denise DMikkonen@powayusd.com Grade 5
Mitchell, Tiffany TMitchell@powayusd.com Grade 1
Morshead, Jannelle JMorshead@powayusd.com Grade 3
Moyer, Liz LMoyer@powayusd.com Grade 2
Mueller, Donna DMueller@powayusd.com Grade 1
Nijhowne, Tara tnijhowne@powayusd.com Band; Gr 5
O'Malley IV, Raymond romalley@powayusd.com Grade 3
Ow, Jamie jow@powayusd.com Kindergarten
Ricci Lukens, Rebecca rricci@powayusd.com Grades K-2
Shea, Amie AShea@powayusd.com Grade K & 1
Shepard, Leslie LShepard@powayusd.com Grade 3
Stiles-Hodel, Amy ahodel@powayusd.com Grade 3
Takeshita, Julie JTakeshita@powayusd.com Grade 1
Tempkin-Cook, Sarah STempkin@powayusd.com Grade 5
Tuey, Laureen LTuey@powayusd.com Grade 1
Vincent, Jeremy JVincent@powayusd.com Grade 5
Vincent, Shelley SVincent@powayusd.com Grade 2
Yeager, Tracy TYeager@powayusd.com Grade 2
The Poway Unified School District (PUSD) is an equal opportunity employer/program and is committed to an active Nondiscrimination Program. PUSD prohibits discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying based on actual or perceived ancestry, age, color, disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or association with a person or a group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. For more information, please contact the Title IX/Equity Compliance Officer, Associate Superintendent of Personnel Support Services, Poway Unified School District, 15250 Avenue of Science, San Diego, CA 92128-3406, 858-521-2800, extension 2761.

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